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5.10 סיכום מלחמת ישראל וחמאס

On May 10, 2021, the Palestinian Hamas suddenly launched a series of attacks on Israel, first using the Arabs in Israel to start a civil unrest, a massive clash with the police, and then the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip launched a massive missile attack on Israel, after twelve days of heavy fighting, Israel destroyed the senior members of Hamas's army, After twelve days of heavy fighting, Israel destroyed Hamas's top military personnel, and blew up many of Hamas's underground tunnels and destroyed a large number of Hamas missile towers, dealing Hamas a heavy blow!

In the course of the twelve-day battle, Hamas also fired 4,360 missiles at Israel, of which nearly 400

Hamas such a massive attack caused 12 deaths in Israel, and the Palestinians also announced 248 casualties, so, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas missiles are which country provided? Iran, the Chinese Communist Party? The Israeli Defense Forces already have clear data!

After 12 days of heavy fighting against the Palestinian terrorists, the IDF has successfully completed Operation Wall. The following chart shows the data of the 12-day war.

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